Brief Mindfulness


First Aid Case
  • managing hectic work and home life
  • reducing feelings of stress
  • improving wellbeing and recapturing contentment
  • remembering what really matters to you

There is overwhelming evidence that mindfulness reduces stress and improves well-being – yet most of us working in health and care organisations don’t have the time or energy to attend an 8 week mindfulness-based programme[1]. Home and work take all our capacity.

It is increasingly challenging to work in health and care organisations with:

  • reduced funding
  • increased workloads
  • feeling undervalued
  • organisational change
  • low morale
  • long term sickness

It is through our awareness of the increasing challenges of health and care work – and our wish to offer short mindfulness interventions to people who would not normally access mindfulness – that we set up Mayfly.

Mayfly offers teams of health and care workers one day trainings that are

enjoyable – easy – effective – and cost efficient

You will come away with:

  • tailored short straightforward practices
  • highly relevant to your specific challenges
  • strong motivation and know how to put them into practice
  • support amongst peers and colleagues learning alongside

Mayfly trainers are highly experienced in this approach having developed it themselves. They have worked in the health and care sectors teaching mindfulness for over 3 decades between them. They have been taught by the most senior UK and US mindfulness trainers (such as Jon Kabat Zinn) and presented papers and written books on the subject.

They set up Mayfly to offer something practical, relevant and potentially life changing to those who need it most.

One day’s training will get you started. There will be resources and web links to take away – and signposting to further mindfulness training should you wish to take it further.

[1] The ‘classical’ form  of learning mindfulness